Red & White Vermouth


Maitrepierre Organic Label EU

Red & White

Maîtrepierre is a sophisticated, elegant drink that brings out the typical characteristics of vermouth. This white or red wine-based aperitif owes its complex flavour to a rigorous selection of herbs, plants and fruits.

Its seductive bouquet excites the senses, while its velvety texture caresses the palate.

Its inimitable flavour and irresistible colour, both an ancient family heritage, make it an ideal choice for connoisseurs looking for an exceptional taste experience.

With its distinctive character and perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness, Maîtrepierre is the perfect match for cocktail, wine and aperitif lovers.



3 cl
Maitrepierre White
2 cl
1836 Vodka
1 cl
Lemon juice
5 cl
Pineapple juice


Ice cubes
2 cl
Maitrepierre Red
2 cl
Lambertus Single Malt Whisky
2 cl
Orange juice
2 cl
Cherry liqueur